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About HotBitDeal

HotBitDeal is a growing network of online crypto auctions as measured by time-to-finality. The interoperability integrated into the system enables cross-blockchain transfers of any data or asset, not just tokens. HBD data validity design allows chains to communicate with each other in a meaningful way, allowing arranged auctions to be fulfilled successfully. HotBitDeal dramatically extends the capabilities of digital auctions by enabling access to crypto-world data while sustaining the security and reliability of blockchain technology.

HotBitDeal provides the one-click deployment for present auctions to get directly enrolled without any hassle, making it more viable for the users to start auction bids quickly.


Our HBD Mission

HotBitDeal is a platform established by entrepreneurs and experts . We are putting the best of our efforts to accessible and risk free project based on auction for the global markets. To get this job done, we are increasing the number of ways to reach more and more people.

Our Vision

Our vision behind HBD token is crypto auction across the world, where the people not only can use this token for storing the value but also can go through the virtual auction which is safe, secure, and decentralized.

Our project is based on the smart contract and decentralized way. HBD platform guarantees a timely and innovative way of managing your funds based on block chain.


Crypto Auction Platform

Crypto auction is a virtual auction based on unique and lowest bid algorithm, having multiple features such as fastest, secure, safest and transparent etc.

Token Utility

HBD token is enormously used for crypto auction on the global world of crypto simultaneously, we will have high value return over a long period of time, Hence it is having multiple faces.

  • HBD token can be used for multi purpose.
  • For storing the value.
  • To make virtual crypto auctions.
  • Easy Swap
  • Complete Decentralization (POS)
HBD Features


It is fast, secure and completes your bidding in fraction of a second. Maintaining transparency for bidders. You can place multiple bids. Unique feature of Multiple Winners with their achieved rank. Automated and easiest way of bidding. Participant can bid openly against one another. With each subsequent bid, bidder required to place lower and unique bid other than somebody’s bid. HBD tokens will list on major crypto platform such as PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, DEXTools, PooCoin App, Coinsniper according to scheduled roadmap.

New Experience

Being on Blockchain, HotBitDeal gives you a new experience of virtual auctions. It gives more control, better user experience and accessibility at hands.

Secure and Anonymous

Security is another key point defining today’s world. HotBitDeal is on Blockchain using this highly-secure and power-efficient technology to ensure security and give user anonymous reach without revealing him.

Fast Transaction

Time is one of the key elements in our lives, especially when it comes to financial transactions. To solve existing problems of lack of speed HotBitDeal increases speed by using blockchain and also provides security at the same time.

Full Transparency

This project is based on smart contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain. There is no third party interference between the user and the auction platform. Bidding and auction on this platform is completely transparent.


Tokenomics and Distribution

HBD tokens will become available for purchase on PancakeSwap Exchange. HBD is going to launch with huge supply of 99,000,000,000 with functionality of 1% per transaction auto adding liquidity. The distribution of token is going to be as follows:

Initial Liquidity (Auto Adding 1% Liq/Trx & Locked for 3 years)

Marketing & Advertisement



Graphically Winners Allocation by Percentage

As graphically mentioned down, there will be 10 winners based on unique and lowest bid, all bids are required to be different than others.

First, Second, Third, Forth …….till 10th rank automatically will come out based on lower and unique placed value other than previous winner.


Company Roadmap

The roadmap of HotBitDeal is simple towards achieving the goal. The roadmap is one of the essential features of the success of any project. Here, the HotBitDeal token is going to follow the following strategy. The foundation of HotBitDeal was laid on May 2021, In traditional form of bidding highest bidder takes all, Other people are left with nothing. There is no chance of them entering into these high bidding market, the founders of HotBitDeal decided to bring ray of hope with minimum and unique number as bid, which will provide them chance to win equally .


ICO Website Launch
White Paper Release
HBD Token Launch
PancakeSwap Listing
Liquidity Locked


Crypto Auction (1.0 Ver.) Launch
Start Promotions
Marketing Strategy Partnership
Venturing to Major Additional CEX Listing
CMC Listing


Advertising Campaigning
Attracting Influencers ( Bloggers , News, Youtubers……)
Press Release


Crypto auction (1.O Ver.) launch
HotBitDeal ICO/IDO Launchpad


NFT Marketplace Launch
To be Continued...